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Style A Wall

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Style A Wall

1. Choose color palette

Choose color palette
This is quite important, unless you are going for a totally eclectic and random look. To make your gallery wall coherent, try to think about main colors you want to see and choose your art accordingly

2. Mix your Art

Mix your Art
Try to choose different kinds of art and different sizes to create interesting look and then mix them all up

3. Frame your art

Choose color palette
Somebody once told me that the frames should be chosen for the art not for a room – hence even if you think that a gold, antique frame would go great with your room decor, maybe it’s not the best choice for a modern, graphic poster. I think you got the point. Of course it is important to keep in mind, the look of the room, when choosing frames but make sure they enhance the art you are going to place inside or go for neutral

ONE gallery wall

Full Wall Art
Another option is to design a full wall with wallpaper or a giant picture